Why waste more time and effort fighting steam system issues?

You rely on the steam system to deliver thermal energy that is clean, dry, and sterile...
...how do you figure out
what's causing the problems? That's our job.
Facility Managers, CSSD Managers, Engineers, Contractors, and OEM's all benefit from our steam
audit service. It's a systematic approach to looking at the steam system.
We focus on RESOLUTION... Give us a wet steam problem, and we'll help you solve it.

What does industry say about sterilizers and wet pack problems?
    "Perhaps the most  frustrating and confounding dilemma that we face
    using steam sterilization is the occurrence of wet packs...
    "Wet packs represent an economic loss to the institution because goods
    must be reprocessed. Unrecognized, they are a hazard to the patient. "
    - Preparing instruments, utensils and textiles for sterilization and wet pack solving, STERIS Inc. 2003.

Independent, Confidential, Experienced
We are not affiliated with any sterilizer or humidifier manufacturer.
Our audit staff average 20 years experience with steam in hospitals and life sciences.

We follow a systematic steam quality audit procedure. See the
services page for the typical time
line. Experience? Click here to see our background

On Site Testing and Troubleshooting
We solve problems with sterilizers, autoclaves, humidifiers, and water hammer in piping systems.
We also do
steam quality testing and analysis. Sterilizers and humidifiers are critical components
in health care, life sciences, institutional, and research facilities... but since they are open-ended
steam users, poor steam quality (water in the line) can cause
major problems. (PDF article)

    Autoclave & Sterilizer Audits – Wet Loads and Stain Resolution
    Steam and Condensate Audits and Training
           Steam Quality Testing
           Water Hammer Problem Solving
           Steam Trap Testing for Energy Loss or Application and Selection Analysis

Articles... about sterilizer wet packs, stains, and steam quality :

"Sterilizers and Autoclaves - What is Steam Quality?"
What is steam quality and why is it important to the CS Department? The September 2008 issue of
OR Today  shows how steam is consumed by heating instruments and converted to liquid water.
here to download a PDF

"Noncondensible gases: Undesirable contaminants in your steam supply"
Sterilizer stains, black specks, and failed Bowie-Dicks tests? The August 2007 issue of Healthcare
Purchasing News
- How can gases be the root cause of spotting and staining?
here to DOWNLOAD a PDF

"How to Spot Trouble in Steam Sterilization"
June 2007 issue of Materials Management in Healthcare  - features questions and answers about
steam quality,
wet packs, and specks.    
here to DOWNLOAD a PDF

Click on the ARTICLES tab at left to see our other technical discussions on steam.

Get Critical Equipment Back Online

Thermo Diagnostics will work with your facility engineers to eliminate steam problems. This saves
cost, time, effort, and reduces staff complaints. Reduced "clean-up" will improve productivity,
service, and morale. The net result will be increased efficiency and quality of facility management.


We teach classes in your facility (and soon online) to educate your staff on how the steam system
works. We start with fundamentals, and "walk" the system from boiler to condensate pumps. CEU
and PDH credits are available.

    See “Articles” Tab (or request a specific topic!! see “Contact” Tab)
    Coming Soon – “Steam Technology” Online Class


    Diagnostic Tools
           Ultrasonic Stethoscopes
           Steam Trap Testing Equipment and Tags
           Pipe Calipers
    Steam Quality Testing & Tools
           Temperature Guns
           Sterilizer and Autoclave Filters
           Steam Drying Headers and Separators
    Heat Transfer Enhancement
           Compact Heat Exchangers
           Specialized Sterilizer Steam Traps
           Condensate Heat Recovery Tanks
Improving Steam Systems
Improving Steam Systems
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Hospitals depend on sterile instruments.
Wet steam can cause wet packs. We can
help you eliminate wet packs... by
eliminating wet steam.
Regulators and valves last longer when
handling clean, dry steam. Ask for our
articles on steam quality, or about a
training class at your facility.
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