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Sterile Processing and Wet Packs or Stains

Facility Management and Steam Trap Audits

Infection Control and Steam Quality

Testing and Validation Standards for Steam Quality

Facility Management and Steam Quality

On Site Testing and Troubleshooting
We solve problems with sterilizers, autoclaves, wet loads and staining. We do steam quality
testing according to
ANSI/AAMI ST79, Comprehensive guide to steam sterilization and sterility
assurance in health care facilities
(2010), and European Standard EN285.

    Autoclave & Sterilizer Audits – Wet Loads and Stain Resolution
    Steam and Condensate Audits and Training
           Steam Quality Testing
           Water Hammer Problem Solving
           Steam Trap Testing for Energy Loss or Application and Selection Analysis

Get Critical Equipment Back Online
Thermo Diagnostics will work with your facility engineers to eliminate
steam problems. This
saves cost, time, effort, and reduces staff complaints. Reduced "reprocessing" will improve
productivity, service, and morale. The net result will be increased efficiency and quality of facility

Steam Quality Testing & Troubleshooting
Steam Quality Testing & Troubleshooting
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Hospitals depend on sterile instruments.
Wet steam can cause wet packs. We can
help you eliminate wet packs... by
eliminating wet steam.
Regulators and valves last longer when
handling clean, dry steam. Ask for our
articles on steam quality, or about a
training class at your facility.
- Steam Testing Services
- System Analysis
- Sterilizer Stain Testing