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Hospitals depend on sterile instruments. Wet steam can cause wet packs. We can help you eliminate wet packs… by eliminating wet steam.

Regulators and valves last longer when handling clean, dry steam. Ask for our articles on steam quality, or about a training class at your facility.


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Sterilizers and Autoclaves – What is Steam Quality?

Wet packs and specks on instruments are often blamed on “poor quality steam”… but what is steam quality? Why does it matter? The purpose of this article is to give the CS Technician and Manager an overview of wet steam and steam quality.

Steam requirements for sterile processing

Sterile Processing is often regarded as the front line for f ghting infections. Following proper protocols and standards is critical if we are to win that f ght. This article will discuss the ANSI/AAMI ST79 Standard* for steam sterilization,…

Troubleshooting surface stains on instruments after steam sterilization

Healthcare Purchasing News- The December 2013 issue reviews troubleshooting steps to take when stains occur on instruments after steam sterilization.

Steamed Up – Revised AAMI Sterilization Standard

Healthcare Facilities Management – The April 2012 issue reviews the steam quality requirements of the new AAMI Standard ST-79, written from the facility engineers point of view.

How to Spot Trouble in Steam Sterilization

Materials Management in Healthcare – The June 2007 issue features questions and answers about steam quality, wet packs, and specks, in the feature section “Infection Control Hotline”.

Noncondensible gases:
Undesirable contaminants in your steam supply

Healthcare Purchasing News – Noncondensible gases are one of the causes of failing Bowie-Dick type tests. Where do the gases come from? Why do they end up in the sterilizer? What problems do they cause with the sterilization process? How can they be eliminated?

Locating and Eliminating Sources of Wet Steam and Water Hammer

Heating, Piping, Air Conditioning Engineering Magazine – This article focuses on wet steam, steam quality and sterilizer problems. It explains how an 8 inch steam line can fill with water in only nine hours. It spells out basic troubleshooting steps for solving wet steam problems.

Successful Steam System Operation Strategies

ASHRAE Transactions – The Alliance to Save Energy called this a “seminal article”. (We had to look it up. Seminal = Highly influential in an original way.) This article presents actual energy and performance improvements, and HOW they were accomplished. Not just the technical, but the “people” side as well.

Steam in Distribution and Use: Steam Quality Redefined

Energy Engineering Journal – This article studies the traditional meaning of steam quality and applies to the steam user. If steam arrives at the user all wet, perfect steam from the boiler becomes meaningless. Why does steam get dirty and wet, and how to find the sources of poor quality.

The Dangers of Uncontrolled Gases in Steam Systems

Chemical Processing Magazine – Air and non-condensible gases in steam behave in peculiar ways. They are heavier than steam, but steam velocity can push them around. Trapping and venting large AUTOCLAVES has to take this behavior into account, or poor temperature control will result.

Testing Traps pays Dividends

Plant Services Magazine – Temperature, sound, and visual methods of steam trap testing have varying effectiveness. For example, temperature can tell when a trap is failed closed, but NOT when it is failed open. All methods need experience to get around each shortfall, and they work best in COMBINATION.

Preventing Frozen Steam Coils

Contracting Business Magazine – Frozen steam coils, water hammer, and poor temperature control are annual headaches. Airflow, piping, and drainage pressures all matter. How to spot the problem is tricky, then solving it is simple.

Where’s the Steam Coming From?

Contracting Business Magazine – Frozen steam coils, water hammer, and poor temperature control are annual headaches. Airflow, piping, and drainage pressures all matter. How to spot the problem is tricky, then solving it is simple.

Important Considerations in Computer Room Humidification

ASHRAE Transactions – This article applies to any humidifier moisture problems. It explains how a humidifer can cause wet spots on the air side alone. Two good solutions presented can also be applied to operating rooms, animal research areas, or any air stream with typical 55F temperatures.

Water Categories and the Importance of pH

Water quality is of utmost importance in Sterile Processing departments (SPDs), as it directly affects the cleanliness, disinfection and sterilization of surgical instruments. To ensure highquality water for these processes, it is crucial to monitor and control key parameters. This article defines some of the parameters to be measured, with an emphasis on the pH (potential of hydrogen) balance for each category of water used in the department.

Thermo Diagnostics

Recover Steam Flow And Save Energy

This steam flow can often be recovered to save energy and the environment.

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