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Showdown in the Paint

Zach Edey vs. Donovan Clingan is the big-man showdown college basketball deservesFollow live coverage as UConn, Purdue play for the national championship todayGLENDALE, Ariz. — During a quiet beat in the national anthem before Purdue played at Illinois on March 5, someone in the crowd screamed loud enough for everyone else to hear: “F— Zach […]

Stainless Steel in SPD

Why should “stainless” be in quotation marks? Read about the different types of stainless steel used in surgical instruments. Why do some types corrode? How do we fix that corrosion?_spd stainless

ST 79 – How often should I test steam quality?

Steam Quality Testing – Frequency AAMI/ANSI ST79 (2017) “Comprehensive guide to steam sterilization and sterility assurance in health care facilities” How often are facilities supposed to test steam quality? Here is what the Standard says: upon installation or relocation of the sterilizer after any change to the steam distribution lines or boiler supply water when […]

Steam Trap Testing

Testing steam traps using temperature involves measuring the temperature of the steam entering the trap. Here are the steps to do so: 1. Identify the steam trap you want to test. It could be a specific trap or a series of traps in a steam system. We recommend all the traps between the boiler and […]

ST 108 testing requirements

Contact us for tables of test guidelines and frequency. The testing requirements for ANSI/AAMI ST108:2023, which covers water for the processing of medical devices, include several key aspects. These requirements ensure that the water used in medical device processing meets the necessary standards for safety and effectiveness. Here are some of the testing requirements outlined […]

Steam Quality Moore1

Simple Steam Quality Tests Want to do some simple tests to check your steam quality? Weigh a textile pack before the cycle, run your standard cycle but no dry Weigh it again. The % weight gain should be around 1%. (Put the dry time back to its original setting.) Tape a non-woven wrapper to the […]

Quantifying Steam Quality

One equation comprising two independent variables gives an accurate assessment of steam quality | Reprinted from Plant Services Steam quality is a measure of the amount of saturated steam that coexists with its condensate in a given system. Calculate it by dividing the mass of steam by the total mass of steam and condensate. Steam […]


Steam Distribution Piping: Low spots The steam distribution piping must be pitched properly to avoid low spots. The steam piping loses heat by radiation, causing condensate to form. This liquid water accumulates on the inside surface of the pipe wall. During periods of low flow this water runs by gravity and will accumulate in any […]